Dec 25 2010

Merry Christmas From Diamond Mason

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I am glad to present you with the amazing black ass of Diamond Mason! She will be that Christmas present you always wanted, and instead of having to open her up she is already wide open and ready to be used. It is a lead-pipe cinch that you will love your present and that you will be coming back to watch this four minute clip over and over again. She is “Ohhhing” and “Ahhhing” as she bounces up and down on his throbbing penis. He can barely handle all of her ass, it spills over and between his fingers and claps to the rhythm of their sexual interlude. Thank goodness for this top notch black ass sex porn site!

You can see the little fat dimples on her booty as she really goes to town on him. They are outside on a sofa that appears to be placed right next to a pond. The serenity of the scene is outdone by her butt moving and shaking with each thrust. You will be truly impressed with how much tail she has hanging down.


Dec 22 2010

Soaped Dark Black Ass Pics

Wait until you lay your eyes on Bubbles and her massive phat dark ass. Her thick booty made the camera lens bend and caused many men to become mesmerized. She was simply helping a friend wash a car and before you knew it she had a soaped dark black ass and her panties were pulled down. He got her drift and took out his cock for her to suck on! She is one nasty freak, but certainly a wonderful friend. She sucked him off before letting him take her inside for a deep pussy penetration session. She was more than glad to spread open her twat and let him jam it home.

What would you do if she was laying in your bed with her legs wide open? If you knew what was good for you and her you would give her a stiff present in her dark pussy. She would love the feeling of having a dick, especially a white one, drilling her deeper and deeeper. This guy really filled up her dark pussy with plenty of loving and made her come hard. She had no idea that a white dude could give her such an amazing sexual experience.


Dec 19 2010

Bulbous Ebony Butt Pictures

Her name is Jme Foxx because she already has enough ass, so she does not need more A in her name. She is strutting around Miami in a skin tight body-length red outfit that makes all the guys whip their heads around. She probably caused a few accidents with her bulbous ebony butt before she was whisked off of the street. Her dark skin really appealed to the horny guy riding by. She was quick to hop into his car and start stripping for him. Jme showed off her pitch black pussy by pulling her underwear to the side. The dude knew he was going to be burying his rod deep inside of that tight dark hole.

Once they got back to his pad she began to do a fast striptease and then grabbed his rock hard cock. She proved to be a true professional with a dick, and bobbed her head like a champ. What she really wanted was to feel him jamming his hunk of meat all the way inside of her black twat. Lucky for her she got to sit on his Johnson and wrap her black pussy lips all the way around him. He went to town on her fat dark ass and wreaked that big old pussy.


Dec 16 2010

Fat Caramel Ass Fucked Hard

You have to see these pictures to believe just how big the ass of Cocoa Barbecue is. She is having a good old time with her neighbor when things take a turn for the freaky. All she wanted was to hang out, eat some food and cha tit up, but instead she got her fat caramel ass fucked by his big throbbing cock. First of all, she was wearing bright blue shorts that rode up her butt and showed off her brown booty cheeks. She should have known that he would want to stuff her caboose after seeing her swish around his backyard.

Cocoa had no idea that she would be sucking in his King Kong cock after a few bites of his grilled burgers. She was down on her knees and gobbling on his rod in no time. After getting him all hard and bothered, she pulled off her bottoms and released those two soft and plush ass cheeks. He found out real quick that she just wanted to get pumped in her booty. He stuck his massive member deep inside of her puckered butt hole and made himself at home!Her ass got looser and looser as he rammed her again and again. She ended up with a sperm shower sprayed all over her sweet black ass.


Jul 1 2010

Amber Stars Deep Black Pussy Sex

See Amber get punished by his cock!

Amber Stars is the lovely babe having her twat filled in the above picture. She is one of those sexy black chicks that you might have a chance banging. Her legs will spread for just about anyone and she loves to show off her supple and very tasty body. Her big black knockers are a sight to behold and you will be holding on to your dick in anticipation. Her smile is dazzling and she likes to to flash those pearly whites to hot guys. In this instance she is fondling her ebony pussy lips when an erect guy slips in for some extra loving. Her hand immediately goes to his hard man meat and she sucks on it like the professional she is. Her nipples get hard and her pussy wetter.


She absolutely loves getting hammered by a thick and very long dick. Amber Stars must be very glad to be receiving his male rod inside of her tight dark twat. Would you stick your cock inside of her if she gave up the booty to you? She is grinding on this guy’s dick just to receive a load of his hot cum all over her sweet brown ass. We owe it all to Round And Brown for sharing this lovely babe’s nude body with us. Her penchant for sucking and fucking dicks is obvious and she really knows how to please men. Imgaine smacking her ample ass and finger banging that tight dark hole.

Jun 18 2010

Double Chocolate Ebony Sex Pics

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Hello! I am coming straight from heaven and I suggest you come on over with me because I have Cassidy Clay and Aryana Starr getting buck wild. These two hot ebony babes are ready for some intense sexual activity with one another and one extremely lucky black stud. these double chocolate ebony sex pics are hard to come by so I suggest you strp yourself in and hold on for a crazy pussy penetrating ride. If you like dark vaginas or brown twats, then between Cassidy and Aryana you are going to be in ethnic pussy heaven. These two honeys are absolutely oozing with sexuality and their pussies are getting might wet too.


Thanks to Tiny we can all enjoy these tasty ebony treats. He has been set up with two eager female mouths to suck down his johnson at the same time. One mouth is planted on his balls and humming while another is gliding over his massive shaft. He really gets down to busines by laying down on the bed and having one pussy hovering over his mouth while the other chick is bouncing up and down on his stiffy. All of this sexual chocolate is almost too much to stand, but if you had both of these pieces of tail in your bedroom you would probably try to fuck them both too.

Jun 11 2010

Aliana Love Pumped With Thick Black Cock

See Aliana take his black cock in her tight pussy!

Aliana Love is featured in this exclusive photo set from the unique and entertaining ebony porn site Pimp My Black Teen. Every chick that ends up getting fucked for this site starts out as a tore up from the floor up hot mess in need of some serious assistance. You would never think at first blush that Aliana is a flat out gorgeous black chick. She is sporting a tank top and some ugly sweats, not to mention her hair is ratty and in need of washing and a comb. However, in no time she is pimped out in a black bra, pink panties, and sexy leggings. She unleashes those natural cocoa tits and we are off to sexual heaven.


Aliana loves to have her wet pussy licked and sucked, so this fortunate and well hung fellow embarks on a twat inhaling good time. Imagine what her pussy would taste like and what it would be like to have her juices all over your lips. In no time flat she has spread open her soft caramel legs and is allowing this black cock to penetrate her and fill up every little nook and cranny. She even sits on a chair and he accesses her pussy from behind, getting every inch of his dick deep inside of her delicious wet pussy. She is pumped with thick black cock and makes intense and revealing facial expressions.

Mar 9 2010

Sexy Chocolate Raine Rivera

Dark ass cheeks and a tight black pussy.

A scrumptious teen by the name of Raine Rivera has stepped onto the scene and she is ready to be made up and pimped out. Pimp My Black Teen is a porn site that finds sexy black teens who are looking a little tore up from the floor up and are flipped or turned out for the streets. In this instance we have a super sexy babe Raine who needs to have a brand new wardrobe, that lucky for us includes two skimpy pieces of clothing. Her pink outfit barely covers her sweet chocolate body and is soon laying on the ground. She really wants to show off her amazing body to the black stud with the huge wang, so she starts off by sucking his huge cock before really getting down to business.

He sticks his dark meat deep inside of her equally dark pussy and they are a hot fudge sunday made in heaven. Just look at the shot of her amazing thick black ass cheeks and you will be fantasizing about being between those cheeks in no time. Her boobs are just as amazing, a perfect pair of tits that are very suckable and cuppable. He primes her well and she feels his pump entering her sweet twat. They make some loud noises and before you know it Rivera has her face in the sofa cushion, her ass up and her pussy wrapped around his cock tightly. Imagine smacking that plump black booty and sucking on her tasty nipples.

Dec 24 2009

Pimped Black Teen Heidi Waters: Photos

Heidi loves to take dick from behind.

The photo gallery feauting black porn actress Heidi Waters is a hot one considering that she is one sexy female. Her long legs and big ass serve the purpose of driving men crazy and having the effect of drawing big cocks closer to her pussy. Her butt doesn’t really fit her body type considering she is so thin and her booty is so wide and expansive. If you saw just her ass you might think she would be much thicker in the legs but that is not the case.

These original photos come from the site Pimp My Black Teen where tore up black chicks are found in order to give them a full makeover. After the makeover these honeys are fucked hard by well hung black studs and then left out to pasture. Heide is no exception as you can see from the gallery. She puts on some black lingerie and then slowly lets the guy finger her moist pussy and get her completely naked. Once she is in her birthday suit the fun really begins. Her breasts are small and round and fit nicely in the palm of your hand. I would enjoy massagin them and getting her dark nipples erect.

With so much anticipation Waters sits on his stiff Johnson and starts bouncing up and down in order to excite both of them. Needless to say he becomes extremely excited and starts working her pussy from all kinds of fun angles. Her legs are splayed all over the place and she feels every inch of his monster. Just think of the possibilities as you look at her body and horny disposition.

Jul 14 2009

Round And Brown Photo Gallery: Dark Sparkes Pumped

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Consume the above chocolate freak by clicking on her ass and seeing the rest of her stank ass pictures. Sparkes is her name and she is willing to part her legs inside or outside as long as their is a guy with a long penis and a love for Black pussy. Round And Brown serves up hot Ebony sex with the thickest and most sexually active ladies anywhere. Check out the eye tattoos on Sparkes tits and then see her bent over receiving a dick in her tight twat. She can’t help but have her dark pussy pierced with his piece of meat so she decided to pose for these Ebony sex pics. Would you pump her full of cum or let her suck on your dick? She would love it if you whipped it out and shoved your load all over her body and face.