Dec 15 2012

Gorgeous Phoenix Phire In Ass On Phire

The way she grinds on his dick is epic and her loud moaning and groaning make Phoenix Phire my pick for the sexiest black babe I’ve seen in a while. She has big natural tits, an incredible rear end, and a love for fucking on camera. “Ass On Phire” is definitely the right way to label this scene as she is sizzling hot and ready for his cock.

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Nov 15 2012

Thick Sierra Banxxx In Somethin About Sierra

There is definitely Somethin About Sierra! Once you lay your hungry eyes on the lovely and very spunky Sierra Banxxx you will never want to see another chick again. Her ass is worshiped in this four minute clip from her much longer episode. Watch as the lucky guy pours oil all over her ass and shakes it every which way.

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Oct 15 2012

Big Tit Monique Symone In Webcam Bam

Now is your chance to meet the lovely and very loud Monique Symone and her thick ass and big natural tits. She yells, “oh my God!’ a lot and makes all kinds of facial expressions. The camera guy is really into the scene too, which is called “Webcam Bam” but little miss dick rider loves it most of all.

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Sep 15 2012

Succulent Creme In Pole Pleasers Pt Two

Creme is her name and taking dick is the top of her fanciful game. The second installment, “Pole Pleasers Pt Two“, of this much ballyhooed episode is now here for your utter enjoyment. Splash on some cologne because these girls are going to stink up the joint with their nasty behavior and wet pussies. Remember there are three chicks in the same scene.

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Sep 1 2012

Black Teen Slurps Pale Prick

Black Teen Slurps Pale Prick

Oh how so very yummy! This chick is fulfilling the fantasy that so many of us desire: Black Teen Slurps Pale Prick. I know and you know that all white guys have the secret, or open desire to have their dicks inside of a dark skin woman’s mouth, especially a hot young one. Therefore I am convinced you will thoroughly enjoy these pictures from a rather interesting website. Continue reading

Aug 15 2012

Thick Arse Karma: Pole Pleasers Pt One

Her name is Karma and she is one thick piece of black ass. In this episode titled “Pole Pleasers Pt One” you get to watch her ass jiggle around while her pussy gets stimulated. If you thought you had seen everything in a strip club guess again.

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Jul 24 2012

Dark Black Zena: Sweet As Pie

Her name is Zena and this episode is titled ‘Sweet As Pie.” Basically she is on a leather sofa with her big tits hanging out and her face against the sofa with a dick in her twat. Watch the four minute clip to see her moaning and getting fucked hard.

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May 15 2012

Leilani Leeane Black Threesome Sex

With a few well placed words you too could be enjoying such intense black threesome sex with Leilani and Leeane. This guy played his cards right and was able to stick his dick inside one of their pussies while kissing the other one. Together these two horny lesbians went to town on each other by licking pussy and sucking titties.

They have been preparing for such an amazing experience for a long time and now it has come to fruition. You will want to find two hot black chicks and have a threesome yourself after watching this four minute clip. Imagine sticking your dick inside of their black twats and hearing them telling you to stick it to them.

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May 1 2012

Dark Flesh Beauty Pussy Pumped

Dark Flesh Beauty Pussy Pumped

From her toes to her eyeballs this black chick is having one hell of an intense time. She is taking a hard long black cock in her sweet pudding pie. What a dark flesh beauty she is! Four clips come in this gallery, but you can download the entire clip inside the members area. Watch her moist pussy get pumped again and again and her ass get slapped plenty of times too.

She moans with the loudest out there, and she is sweating up a storm while feeling her tight little hole getting filled up. Step inside of this heated world by checking out these hardcore video clips of a fine ebony girl enjoying a good old fashioned pounding.

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Black Belladonna Rides Cock On Bathroom Floor

Before you know it you are lying on your bathroom floor with a thick ebony hottie bouncing up and down on your penis, that is if you are lucky enough to meet this chick. Watch as this black Belladonna rides cock and makes this guy feel incredibly special. He won’t forget this ride of his life anytime soon.

Her butt looks like an onion that we have no intention of peeling, but instead smacking and squeezing the life out of. He goes to town on her juicy rear end and lifts it up and down on his Johnson again and again. There are hundreds of ladies just like this one inside this stellar ebony porn site.

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Apr 1 2012

Got That Black Dick In My Black Asshole

Got That Black Dick In My Black Asshole

This chick flat out states, “Oh shit. Oh my God. Got that dick in my ass” as her face scrunches up and she can barely stand being anally penetrated. Her amazingly puffy pussy sits just in front of her ass as she is fucked hard in her black asshole. This guy’s dick is really thick, so he had to spend some time working it inside of her tight butt, but it was well worth the effort.

She is one of those mocha toned black women that will drive so many men crazy. However, she is packing a seriously impressive booty which she knows how to use. She is more than glad to spread open her cheeks and let him inside.

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Black Caramel Ass Pounded Hard

Black Caramel Ass Pounded Hard

If you love you a thick ebony booty getting rammed full of black cock then these video clips will do the trick. This tasty lady is having a ball with this well-hung stud. Her black caramel ass is pounded hard and she responds by moaning and yelling. She can’t seem to get enough of his man sausage jammed straight into her tight wet pussy.

Imagine slapping her fat black ass as you fuck her again and again in her moist twat. Her tits flop around and you can make her call your name too. Picture her on her hands and knees looking back at you telling you to fuck her hard.

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Sep 26 2010

Trinity’s Dark Round Ass Sex Video

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Step into the world of Trinity and you might just become entranced by her fast moving dark round ass and start to think of the sexual possibilities. She is taking part in the world shaking Round And Brown website, where you will find the phattest black asses and the horniest ebony divas having hardcore sex with mostly white dudes that are packing serious meat. As the camera man states in this video, “Tell you what I’m gonna put on that hiney, gonna make it shiny.”He proceeds to spray warm oil all over her sweet ass. Now you can see just how big and juicy that fat rear end is. You might be thinking what it would be like to pork her tight pussy and if you are lucky she just might allow you to enter her pussy.


It’s not until more than halfway through this four minute video clip that you see her face, which is enough to make most men bust a nut. His big cock enters her twat and she is groaning at every plunge of his rod. She seems to really enjoy having loud and well orchestrated sex. Her squeals of delight and deep moans are evidence of her pure enjoyment. This sex video is just one of the hundreds that are available within the membership area of this top notch black infused porn website. If you have a love for thick booty black women, with so much junk in their trunk that they are holding up traffic every time they step on the sidewalk, then this site is for you. Trinity is just one of the heavenly big booty black babes that has ear splitting sex on camera. Hang on to your cock, because you are going to be taken on a wild ride through round ass heaven.

Dec 27 2009

Tiny Pumps Vanessa B’s Dark Pussy (Vids)

Watch Vanessa sit on the shaft in delight.

Moaning, groaning and squeeling are all coming out of the mouth of Vanessa B as she is filled to the brim with thick cock. She is a sexy black babe with a perky attitude and a love for long cocks too! Her body is slamming with all the right curves and she has a yummy pair of tits to play with. Look at those pierced bad boys and tell me you wouldn’t want to suck on them for quite some time and feel their weight on your face. Did I mention that she likes to moan a great deal while getting slammed with cock? Watch the video clips and you will see for yourself.

Another thing about her is that she has a very dark pussy that would look so good on my cock! For now I will have to settle for watching Tiny from Tinys Black Adventures plow her hot box. His twat jammer evokes thoughts of orgy filled afternoons with a bevy of ebony honeys crooning in unison while being feverishly penetrated. You can see her tantalizing tush held on to while he thrusts his hips forward and back in a steady motion in the ocean type of deal. How soft her hips must be and tight her lovely pootang must squeeze.

She gladly sits on his lap and penis and takes a ride on the Tiny but actually kind of big express. How can she take so much penetration? Only Vanessa can know the answer to that. Here is to finding more dark skin lovelies like Miss B and being able to watch thier supple bodies move and gyrate to their own sexual beat.

Dec 17 2009

Round And Brown Vid Gallery: Eve Madison & Vanessa

Watch two dark honeys ride dick in an exclusive video.

Sometimes guys just need to dark skin babes willing to smack that ass and give up the goods. With Eve Madison and Vanessa we have two ladies perfect for the job and we owe it all to the stellar site Round And Brown for this dripping wet sex action. The above picture will bring you to an intense vid gallery of two chocolate honeys that love to fuck and touch each others smooth bodies. Watch them suck this very lucky guys dick before heading to the sofa and taking more turns on his wang. He pounds away at one of their tight black pussies while her boobs swing back ad forth and she moans in ectasy. I can imagine what both of their tight chocolate twats must feel like to eat, touch and stick my dick inside of now you have a chance to do the same. Enjoy thoroughly these horny dark skin ladies as they are worked over by an even hornier stud.