Mar 21 2012

Black Caramel Ass Pounded Hard

Black Caramel Ass Pounded Hard

If you love you a thick ebony booty getting rammed full of black cock then these video clips will do the trick. This tasty lady is having a ball with this well-hung stud. Her black caramel ass is pounded hard and she responds by moaning and yelling. She can’t seem to get enough of his man sausage jammed straight into her tight wet pussy.

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Dec 25 2010

Merry Christmas From Diamond Mason

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I am glad to present you with the amazing black ass of Diamond Mason! She will be that Christmas present you always wanted, and instead of having to open her up she is already wide open and ready to be used. It is a lead-pipe cinch that you will love your present and that you will be coming back to watch this four minute clip over and over again. She is “Ohhhing” and “Ahhhing” as she bounces up and down on his throbbing penis. He can barely handle all of her ass, it spills over and between his fingers and claps to the rhythm of their sexual interlude. Thank goodness for this top notch black ass sex porn site!

You can see the little fat dimples on her booty as she really goes to town on him. They are outside on a sofa that appears to be placed right next to a pond. The serenity of the scene is outdone by her butt moving and shaking with each thrust. You will be truly impressed with how much tail she has hanging down.


Dec 27 2009

Tiny Pumps Vanessa B’s Dark Pussy (Vids)

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Moaning, groaning and squeeling are all coming out of the mouth of Vanessa B as she is filled to the brim with thick cock. She is a sexy black babe with a perky attitude and a love for long cocks too! Her body is slamming with all the right curves and she has a yummy pair of tits to play with. Look at those pierced bad boys and tell me you wouldn’t want to suck on them for quite some time and feel their weight on your face. Did I mention that she likes to moan a great deal while getting slammed with cock? Watch the video clips and you will see for yourself.

Another thing about her is that she has a very dark pussy that would look so good on my cock! For now I will have to settle for watching Tiny from Tinys Black Adventures plow her hot box. His twat jammer evokes thoughts of orgy filled afternoons with a bevy of ebony honeys crooning in unison while being feverishly penetrated. You can see her tantalizing tush held on to while he thrusts his hips forward and back in a steady motion in the ocean type of deal. How soft her hips must be and tight her lovely pootang must squeeze.

She gladly sits on his lap and penis and takes a ride on the Tiny but actually kind of big express. How can she take so much penetration? Only Vanessa can know the answer to that. Here is to finding more dark skin lovelies like Miss B and being able to watch thier supple bodies move and gyrate to their own sexual beat.

Jul 26 2009

Phat Booty Hoes Video Gallery: Ayana Tight Pussy

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Why settle for a skinny pale skin woman when you can turn to Phat Booty Hoes and find scrumptious chocolate freaks willing to do anything with their bodies? Ayanna is the above dark skin lady with a thick ass and wet pussy. Her Ebony sex gallery shows you her nude body and up close shots of her dripping twat as the lucky black stud rams his mighty sword deeper and deeper inside of her. There are tons of Ebony sex vids like this one inside the members’ area including plenty of ladies of all shades having orgasmic sex. Click to watch Ayanna’s tight black pussy receive a hammering and imagine your dick deep inside of her beaver.

Jul 18 2009

Round And Brown Video Gallery: Baby Cakes Giant Tits

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When it comes to huge Ebony tits you are going to need to meet Baby Cakes and her two pairs of pliable all natural breasts. She is not affraid to show them off and also happens to love to ride dick on camera. Her free Ebony sex videos are available by clicking above and her content comes from the superb Ebony sex site Round And Brown. There are hundreds of other chocolate ladies waiting in the membership area of this site. Baby Cakes is all oiled up in these clips as she sucks down his erect dick and squeezes her boobs around his member. She can’t help but show off her two tons of fun and would love for you to join her for a sex romp. When it comes to Black sex movies Round And Brown has it in spades.

Jul 2 2009

Chocolate Milk Juggs Video Gallery: Sizzling Alexis

Watch Alexis work his cock in her wet mouth.

Knockout model Alexis can be found nude on a couch with a dick in her mouth, hand or pussy. I would so love to fuck this chick, with her big Ebony tits swaying to and fro and her honey colored skin that makes white men stop and take notice. She is in five different video clips in this gallery with one extremely lucky guy pounding away at her tight twat. Chocolate Milk Juggs was nice enough to share Alexis’s scrumptious body and sex drive with us. Click to see his shaft push deep inside her for some good old fashioned Ebony pussy sex that we all would love to have. Think about her pussy tightly clenching around your man meat while you squeeze and suck on her boobs and she croons your name in your ear.

Jun 28 2009

Chocolate Milk Juggs Video Gallery: Miss Panther Tits

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Take a moment to behold the mighty tits of the dark queen Miss Panther and then click to watch her in action. She comes to us from the huge black boob site Chocolate Milk Juggs where you will find only black skin ladies with gigantic Ebony tits. Panther has two mellons crammed together as she is repeatedly pounded by this guys long erect dick. Click to watch these Ebony sex clips of Panther spreading her legs open to receive him while one big tit bangs against the other one. Her pussy must be so tight it would make my dick practically pop off once I penetrated her. Can you imagine sliding your cock between her breasts and pushing them together as she tells you to give it to her?